All 60 –90 min facials include cleansing, exfoliation with electric brushes, steam, extractions, masque, hydration, face, neck, décolleté massage and heated hand and arm treatment. Therapies are based on a professional skin analysis, consultation and prescription. Suitable for men and women of every age, each one personally adapted to your specific needs. Each guest is modestly draped for overall comfort and privacy. Please arrive early and leave your jewelry at home, you don’t need it.

Express Facial – (30min) A streamlined exfoliation and cleansing to bolster and upkeep your skin in between regular treatments.

Teen Clean w/Consultation – (50min) Designed to clean pores and kill bacteria. With an educational introduction in skin care to prevent scarring mistakes.

Botanical Kinetics – (60min) High-tech plant technology and essential oils harnessed and blended personally to your skin type. Utilized to clean unhealthy sebum deposits, regulate the flow of energy and reduce the tissue of toxic fluid.

Aveda signature self-renewal – (add 30min) A rejuvenating and nurturing experience that adds scalp and body massage, and heated foot and leg treatments to any 60 – 90min treatment.

Zap – (10min) A high-frequency, UV electrical current treats an unwanted blemish,kills bacteria and disinfects the skin. Followed by a salicylic acid solution and toner.

Eye Zone (20min) Designed to be positioned alone, with any facial or most body treatments, this service focuses on the delicate eye area. The treatment incorporates special techniques which help eliminate puffiness, soften fine lines, prevent new ones and diminish fatigue circles.

Therapeutic Facials for special needs.

Outer Peace Acne Relief – (60min) A total acne solution. Consultation, personalized treatment (including extractions and professional exfoliation), stress relief, diet and life style recommendations.

Botanical Skin Resurfacing – (60-90min) Restores radiance and healthy glow with natural cellar renewal. Improves clarity and tone, enhancing exfoliation activity, removes dull surface cells, age spots and roughness. Leaves skin soft and hydrated.

Green Science – (60-90min) Designed to address pre-mature visible aging, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Strengthens skin’s barrier function. Clinically proven to lift, firm and target lines and wrinkles at any age.

Enbrightenment – (60-90min) Discoloration therapy for the telltale signs of sun damage, hormonal influence, stress and exposure to the elements. Developed to combat age spots,
freckles, dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

Four Layer – (90min) Named “Best of the century” by Cosmo UK and “Best of the best” by Harper’s. Four steps of pure bliss. Layer 1, seaweed filtrate, carrying amino acids, vitamins and minerals to soften lines. Layer 2, hydrating creme, three movement massage for improved circulation. Layer 3, cooling and nourishing seaweed mask, that eliminates toxins. Layer 4, a rich warm blanket of trace elements to intensify absorption.