Please arrive early. Each guest is modestly draped for overall comfort . Your privacy will be protected at all times. Please leave your jewelry at home, you don’t need it. Body treatments can be done in conjunction with any type facial.

CLEANSING BACK FACIAL (60min) – Special attention is given to this hard to reach area. Personalized to your skin type. Utilized to clean unhealthy sebum deposits, regulate the flow of energy and reduce the tissue of toxic fluid. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation with electric brushes, steam, massage, removal of impurities, masque and hydration.

BODY TREATMENTS Therapies increase moisturization, improve circulation and lymphatic flow to detoxify, exfoliate dry, dull skin, enhance well-being and aid stress reduction.

Paraffin (60min) – A thermal cocoon of warm, moist peach paraffin. Deeply therapeutic, the muscles and joints are relieved of soreness and stiffness and the skin is intensely hydrated.

Aromatherapy (30min) – A skin-softening sensory journey of exotic plant and essential oil extracts to melt away stress, detoxify, and eliminate excess fluids.

Seaweed Thalassotheraphy (30min) – Warm, slimming, energy rich, seaweed masque is massaged into the entire body. Detoxifies, soothes sore muscles, diminishes fluid retention, remineralizes and reconditions the skin.

Spa Glow (30min) – Refining exfoliation of dull, expired cells with mineral salts and pure plant and flower ingredients, briskly worked into the skin, giving a youthful and radiant glow.

CELLULITE THERAPY Individualized holistic treatments with preventive benefits to combat cellulite and eliminate excess fluids, with diet and life style recommendations. Great for lower body contouring.

Body Wraps (30min) – A cool, toning and firming, compression wrap with essential oils. Stimulates lymphatic flow, firms the skin, reduces water retention, releases toxins and aids in breakup of fatty acids. A series is recommended for optimum results.

Fire and Ice (60min) – A two-layer technique to combat cellulite. Warm seaweed thalassotherapy, followed by cooling and toning body wrap therapy to induce the release of accumulated toxins and impurities from the body creating smoother, tighter and firmer skin. A series is recommended for optimum results.